I'm alright. Iron arms, iron legs.

kr. 21. white. gay. non-binary. "they" pronouns, pls. indiana. Queen of Oldppars and Not Sleeves™. Idol Hunter. yes homo. no1curr, str8ie.

Not a social justice blog. Don't ask me what your oppa did wrong.

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wait what i messaged you my log in info!

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Hello! I’ve moved to brogigayo, please unfollow this blog and refollow me there if you want me to continue to be on yr dash^^

Hello i’ve moved to brogigayo, pls unfollow this blog and follow me there if you want me to continue to be an awkward mess on yr dash

Moved to brogigayo. Follow me there pls!

i just started unfollowing a bunch of blogs on here w/o realizing i hadn’t followed them on my new account yet and now i can’t remember who i just unfollowed;;

y’aaaaall i’m not here anymore, i’m over at brogigayo. follow that account if you still want to see me~

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Hello! I’m no longer using this blog, please follow brogigayo!

Hello! I’ve changed blogs. My new one is brogigayo, feel free to unfollow this one and follow the new one if you want

Gonna keep making these posts a few times a day for like a week haha

I moved! I’m at brogigayo now, it’s an entirely new blog bc i just can’t deal with this one rn

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